Profile of a Franklin County Learner

Profile of a Franklin County Learner

The Virginia Department of Education developed a profile of a Virginia graduate in 2017 that includes 5 C’s: Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Citizenship.

Franklin County Public Schools has developed “Vision 25 – Empowering All Learners.” This learner centric model is built upon the foundation of the 5 C’s with four pillars: Foundation of Excellence, Community Invested, Profile of a Learner, Prepared for Progress and Socially Responsive. The profile of a Franklin County Learner is designed to provide a pathway for learners to master essential skills, knowledge, attributes and dispositions in order to positively impact their world.
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Profile of a Learner
Foundation of Excellence
Learners develop perseverance, passion, and resilience to overcome challenges and maximize their potential.

Learners build relationships to positively impact local and global communities

Learners apply content knowledge in authentic ways that reflect critical and/or creative thinking.

Learners reflect on and refine their habits, attitudes, and practices in order to demonstrate a commitment to self and the world around them.
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