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Is my child/student a bright child or a gifted learner?
It is pretty easy to spot a very bright child in the classroom. is not always easy to tell the difference between a very bright child and one who is gifted.
A very bright child is often the best student in the classroom. He or she is eager to please, hard working, conscientious, and well-liked. Many gifted children have these same characteristics; however, some gifted students seem to be just the opposite. They can be difficult, demanding, lackadaisical about their work, stubborn, talkative, dreamy, rebellious, or even obnoxious! The gifted child is not always the “teacher pleaser.”
Examine the characteristics of the bright child and the gifted learner that are listed below. Then, inside this brochure, there is a more comprehensive list of traits of gifted students. This information may be used as a reference prior to a formal nomination for screening for the division’s GATEWAY program.

Knows the answer. Asks the questions.
Is interested.
Is highly curious.
Is attentive.
Is mentally and physically involved.
Has good ideas.
Has wild, silly ideas.
Works hard.
Plays around, yet tests well.
Answers the questions. Discusses in detail, elaborates.
Is the top of the group. Is beyond the group.
Listens with interest. Shows strong feelings and opinions.
Learns with ease. Already knows.
Needs 6-8 repetitions for mastery. Needs 1-2 repetitions for mastery.
Understands ideas. Constructions abstractions.
Enjoys peers. Prefers adults.
Grasps the meaning. Draws inferences.
Completes assignments. Initiates projects.
Is receptive. Is intense.
Copies accurately. Creates a new design.
Enjoys school. Enjoys learning.
Absorbs information. Manipulates information.
Is a technician. Thrives on complexity.

This information is based on a concept developed by Janice Szabos quoted in Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom by Diane Heacox, Free Spirit Publishing.

Informational Websites for parents of gifted learners:

Internet sites to visit with your child

Additional Suggested Elementary Sites PDF

Additional Suggested Middle School Sites PDF

Additional Suggested Websites for all grade levels

Parent Resources

Parent Resources are available to be checked out from the Gifted Office. For a list of parent resources click here.
Please call 483-5732 to reserve your resources.

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